Independent Town Councillor for Chippenham

Hardens & Central Ward

I am an independent Chippenham Town Councillor working to support residents in Hardens and Central Ward, make the town centre a great place to be, and protect the environment.

I was elected as an Independent town councillor on May 6th 2021.

In May 2023 I was elected by fellow councillors as Deputy Leader of the council. 

Matthew Short

Matthew Short
Independent Town Councillor - Chippenham - Hardens & Central ward

Union Road and Artisan Quarter

For the last nine months i’ve been working with independent businesses in the newly formed [...]

Showell Development Site objection

One of the reasons I became a councillor in Chippenham was to try and prevent [...]

Island Park Motion

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Folk Festival Motions

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Warm Rooms Motion

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Bus Back Better Update – New Survey for extra Money

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Letter to Robert Jenrick opposing Westbury Incinerator

I’ve signed a joint letter with fellow Chippenham Town Councillors* voicing our opposition to the [...]

Wiltshire Cabinet answers my Future Chippenham Questions

Today I received written responses to my questions to Wiltshire Council on the Future Chippenham [...]

So what could we do differently?

I certainly don’t have all the answers but as one of my favourite quotes goes…

If you want to build a flotilla of ships you don’t sit around and talk about the carpentry. You set the saws ablaze with visions of exploring distant shores – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

So here are some ideas to set the Chippenham Town & Wiltshire Unitary council saws ablaze…