Community Gardens

school and community gardens

During lockdown those of us fortunate to have access to a garden have enjoyed reconnecting with nature and learning to grow our own food. It’s also a wonderful way to improve wellbeing. In a town surrounded by farms and farmland let’s encourage school and community gardens and allotments. There are some wonderful examples already such as the livestock at Hardenhuish school. The RHS has a school garden campaign

How about taking this a step further taking inspiration from Incredible Edible set up by Pam Warhurst in the market town of Todmorden. Planting spare scraps of land outside railway stations, doctor’s surgeries and verges with edible food look after and used by the community. One thing we have perhaps rediscovered during COVID is a sense of community. This one small volunteer group in Todmorden now has visitors from all over the world, an edible food map, and a vibrant local market.

Why not a community orchard, bee hives?