Artisan Quarter new Hanging Baskets

Over the past 18 months i’ve been working with the newly formed town quarters. One of the first active quarters was the Artisan Quarter, which sits in the triangle from the arches through Park Lane and New road, to Hathaway retail park.

The quarters are a hot bed of ideas and represent what I think is the best of our town.  These mostly small independent businesses sometimes go back generations in Chippenham, and have a strong sense of altruism. The principle is how can we improve our area of the town for everyone.

One of the projects that came to the fore in the Artisan Quarter was sparked by visuals from Caroline, a talented local graphic designer who’d worked for national brands, but was happy to devote her time to help the Quarters with branding.

At one meeting Caroline presented visuals of New Road to the arches lined with hanging baskets. The visuals were so well received by everyone at the meeting that we decided to see if we could make it happen. After a bit of investigation and work with Town Council officers it was agreed to extend the Town Council managed hanging baskets through New Road to Hathaway. A year later with funding from the Wiltshire Towns programme in partnership with Chippenham Town Council and the Artisan Quarter businesses five new basket totem stands have been installed at strategic points. The baskets are self watering and peat free compost is used. Some of the businesses in the Quarter have joined in funding their own baskets from the Town Council. As the summer progresses the display should fill out and add a welcome splash of colour to the Quarter.

It shows the value of partnership working to make our town a nicer place to be.