What’s my background?

I’ve lived in Chippenham since 2006 when I moved here with my wife and two children. My background is electrical, electronic, and software engineering. In 2006 I switched career and jointly set up a chocolate company with my wife which ran until December 2022. We thoroughly enjoyed running our business, winning over 100 fine food awards, several sustainability awards, and some television appearances. We opened a shop in Cirencester which we ran for five years and was named by Lonely Planet and Time Out as the top five places to visit in the Cotswolds. We’ve opened several pop up shops and sold at Bath Christmas market for ten years. We also sold through London store including John Lewis, Liberty, Harrods and Harvey Nichols.

We finely retired from our business in December 2022.

I’m passionate about the environment and do voluntary work for Zero Chippenham.