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Artisan Quarter

Union Road and Artisan Quarter

For the last nine months i’ve been working with independent businesses in the newly formed Artisan Quarter of Chippenham. The Artisan Quarter forms the triangle between the Brunel Railway arches, the top of New Road to Octoprint, and the border of John Coles Park and Marshfield Road. The initiative has been ground up from businesses. […]

Chippenham Folk Festival 2018

Ideas for Chippenham Town Centre

I’ve lived in Chippenham since 2006 and with the new ward boundaries my house now sits snuggly on the border between Monkton, Hardenhuish, and Hardens & Central Wards. I chose to stand for Hardens & Central ward partly because it covers the town centre area. As Liam Neeson might say what I do have are a very […]

Life Below Water – Ocean Acidification

Ocean acidification is often referred to as the evil twin of Climate change. But what is it, why should we worry, and what can we do about it? Nature has a natural buffer for the excess hydrogen ions in terms of Carbonate buffering. Carbonate ions enter sea water through the natural weathering of rocks such […]

Life Below Water – Plastic Pollution

United Nations Sustainability goal 14 looks at life below the water (1). The UN goals says… As much as 8 million tonnes of plastic is entering the oceans every year. That’s a rubbish truck a minute dumped into the ocean somewhere in the world. The micro-plastics overlap with the food prey of many marine animals, […]