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Artisan Quarter

Union Road and Artisan Quarter

For the last nine months i’ve been working with independent businesses in the newly formed Artisan Quarter of Chippenham. The Artisan Quarter forms the triangle between the Brunel Railway arches, the top of New Road to Octoprint, and the border of John Coles Park and Marshfield Road. The initiative has been ground up from businesses. […]

Rowden development at Patterdown

Showell Development Site objection

One of the reasons I became a councillor in Chippenham was to try and prevent the ongoing environmental destruction around Chippenham through cumulative large scale development. Where i’ve failed to prevent the development, i’ve tried to push for the highest possible sustainable construction standards. So I once again experienced that sinking feeling when I saw […]

Island Park Trees Chippenham

Island Park Motion

I was pleased to receive unanimous support for my motion to try and protect the historic trees on Chippenham’s Island Park against potential future development. Here is my motion.. it was unanimously supported at Full Council Wednesday 21st June 2023. To write to the Chief Executive at Wiltshire Council requesting any future development which adjoins […]

Warm room motion

Warm Rooms Motion

I was pleased to jointly present a motion with fellow Independent Councillors to make Chippenham Town Hall reception a warm room for residents struggling to heat their homes through the difficult cost of living crisis in the winter of 2022. Perhaps surprisingly it received considerable opposition from some councillors and was narrowly voted through by […]

Westbury Incinerator Campaign

Letter to Robert Jenrick opposing Westbury Incinerator

I’ve signed a joint letter with fellow Chippenham Town Councillors* voicing our opposition to the Westbury incinerator, in support of Westbury Town Council. We’ve asked the Secretary of State to overturn the decision made by Wiltshire Council.   The Rt. Hon Robert Jenrick MP Secretary of State Ministry for Housing, Communities & Local Government 2 […]

Wiltshire Cabinet answers my Future Chippenham Questions

Today I received written responses to my questions to Wiltshire Council on the Future Chippenham HIF bid. These were sent before last weeks new ‘Half a HIF’ proposal. When presented with the Half a HIF proposals on Friday 16th July, I put it to Wiltshire Cabinet’s leader Richard Clewer that the proposals still failed to […]


Bus Route Improvements Suggestions

As part of the Bus Back Better Strategy Wiltshire Council has received a grant for £ 671,000 to improve bus services across Wiltshire. This obviously isn’t a huge amount when spread across the whole county. A consultation has already taken place last year (long before I was elected!) and apparently ideas were received. However with […]

Brown Hedgehog

Proposed Declaration of Ecological Emergency and HIF bid rejection

The Full council meeting this Wednesday 16th June is an important one for me as it contains two Councillor motions that I strongly support… To declare an Ecological Emergency – a carefully thought out motion that includes specific measurable actions to protect and enhance biodiversity in Chippenham To write to the Secretary of State and […]